ShotBlast Bideford - Serving Bideford and the South West of The UK

    ShotBlast Bideford is a small business providing on-site blast cleaning services to a wide range of businesses. We have worked on a wide variety of projects and contracts in the industrial, marine, agricultural, commercial, automotive, construction and domestic sectors. Ces Wise established Shotblast Bideford in 1997 and has always endeavoured to deliver sound advice and professional services to customers both large and small.

    ShotBlast Bideford provide mobile shotblasting services from our base in Bideford to North Devon and throughout the South West of the United Kingdom. We offer professional advice and a comprehensive set of skill sets and services. Ces Wise's mobile shotblasting services are fully insured for public and employer liability. Ces Wise was fully trained at Hodge Clemco in grit blasting technology and paintspraying.

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    Our Range of Services

    Grit blasting including dry and wet blast equipment for on-site contracts, Vaccublast systems for dust containment. We have blast rooms which are available for smaller items, with a collection and delivery service. Our mobile grit blasting in North Devon can be used for: internal/external walls of houses and barns, beams, timbers, green oak frames, stone/brickwork, fireplaces, gates/railings, ships/boats, vehicle chassis and swimming pools.

    blast room

    Let us know what you need cleaning and we will pick up, clean and deliver! We have blast rooms which are available for smaller items, with a collection and delivery service.

    If you would like any extra information, please feel free to call us here at Shotblast Bideford via the details on the contact page and we will return your call as soon as we can.

    Price Quotations

    For most small jobs I can usually give an initial quotation over the phone. For larger contracts I may have to make an on-site assessment before providing a more accurate quote - details on enquiry. You can email me using the form provided on the contact page.

    • 01_Begining_Work
    • 02_Getting_Under_the_Tanks
    • 03_Getting_Under_the_Tanks
    • 04_Fresh_Blasted_Tank
    • 05_The_Right_Safety_Gear
    • 06_Getting_There
    • 07_Undercoating
    • 08_Undercoat_Drying
    • 09_Almost_Done
    • 10_Tanks_like_New
    • 11_Getting_to_Every_Part
    • 12_Colour_Coded_Paint_Job
    • 13_The_Finished_Job
    • 14_The_Finished_Job
    • 15_Final_Clean_Up
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    • 02_Before_Shotblasting
    • 03_Starting_Work
    • 04_Ces_Wise_at_Work
    • 05_Blasting_Piling_Rigs
    • 06_Starting_Paint_Work
    • 07_Piling_Rig_Paint_Work
    • 08_Piling_Rig_Paint_Work
    • 09_Caterpillar_Paint_Work
    • 10_Section_Painting
    • 11_Crane_Roller_Painting
    • 12_Section_Painting
    • 13_Rigging_Painting
    • 14_Rigging_Before_After
    • 15_Rigging_Before_After
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    • 02_before_the-work
    • 02_in_the_rafters
    • 04_the_grain_revealed
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